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Why was the AESL started?

America's Equine Soccer League started as a grass roots effort by trainer Terry Fenwick (and family) to combine his natural horsemanship training methods with the desire to keep training fresh and fun for the human (and equine) clients.

As a family man, he was also seeking an affordable activity that the entire riding family could do together regardless of the rider's skill level or the equine's riding discipline and something that would reinforce good horsemanship skills.

We searched all over America and could not find anyone doing more than kicking the ball around.  This type of activity didn't exist in America....yet.

And so the AESL was formed with these goals in mind.  The AESL is dedicated to providing a quality equine sport atmosphere that can be replicated anywhere equines can play ball.  Leagues can be hosted by large training barns or the backyard horse owner who wants to encourage neighbors to have fun all the while supported by a quality organization.

Similarly after league play started in 2009 we found that no equine sized soccer balls on the market were big enough or durable enough for league play....yet.  So we designed a soccer ball hand sewn and made in the U.S.A. to league standards.  

We welcome you to: 

Be part of something bigger - join America's league - play with a purpose!


*There is another organization that has repeatedly copied and falsely represented themselves as the same thing as the AESL.  They are in no way associated with the AESL however are based out of WI so we felt that we needed to make consumers aware.  We are the only equine soccer organization that has held tournaments at Midwest Horse Fair and been featured on the Today Show. 

 Proverbs 3:5-6

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